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We offer 2 different Donation options.

Donate to the VNC Honor Flight

  We at the Veterans Network Committee of Northern Illinois are humbled that you have chosen VNC Honor Flight to support with your donation .   100% of your donation goes directly to and can only be used for the VNC Honor Flight. The VNC Honor Flight is a 4 day, 3 night trip, taking time to visit many memorials. Veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam are given first priority. The trip is open to all other Veterans on a space available basis at this time.


Veterans Network Committee


The Veterans Network Committee has several other programs that we operate to support Veterans. To highlight a few:

  • Field of Fallen:  We place over 330 flags in a field for the fallen Service Members from Illinois from the Gulf War.  The Field is set up at various times through the year.  Memorial Day events plus others. 
  • Tattered Flag:  The program replaces old US Flags at the Homes of Veterans or businesses for free from the VNC.  The Sea Cadets Run this program through the VNC.  12 Flags are replaced per year.
  • Gold Star Families:  We invite the Gold Star Families to come out to all of our Field of Fallen Setups.  We honor their Loss.
  • Flag Day:   We arrange to have our people properly retire (burn) Flags.  We collect the flags throughout the year.  The Sea Cadets run this program through the VNC
  • Other Programs:
    • Sea Cadet Program
    • Support & Assistance Programs
    • Special Events
    • Fund Raising Activities
    • Sponsor Programs
    • Collections for the Troops (care packages)
    • Veterans Support Groups